Oldtimer Fund - Classic Car Investments

Oldtimer investments

The oldtimer market worldwide contains a volume of 120 billion US Dollars out of which the brand Ferrari alone takes a share of 5%.

Classic Car Munich Investments offers the investors the unique opportunity to invest into already successfull models with a potential future growth and into their followers with a potential outstanding performance in value.

Invest into a stable market!

Oldtimers are a stable investment. A yearly growth of 9% is not rare. Classic Cars are not only a passion but often the missing part in the investors portfolios, although proven to be the best investment in the last 15 years in comparison with all othr investment opportunities.

Our team of experts has been working in the oldtimer market for the last 25 years and our contacts for identifying and buying the cars in Europe are excellent. For the search for potential investments the identification of the right models as well as the professionell quality control is essential and needs
a long year knowledge of the market.

The sale of the cars will be prepared accurately and will happen to private collectors and in auctions.